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Camere - Cabana Cascada
Accommodation type: Cabană

When you climb from Cimpeni to the mount GAINA, the road turns west, together with Raul Mic, one of the branches of Aries. Today, in its way, slightly uphill, common otter, consisting of large villages, compact houses built on terraces or at the foot.

In the heart of the commune, near the nature reserve - Waterfall Veil Bride, sits Tourist chalet Falls that offers services quality tourism. The cottage has the following facilities: 3 rooms with double bed, a single bed room and a room with 5 beds. The cottage has a kitchen equipped with everything necessary for tourists who want to cook , dining room and living room.

You can spend cold evenings either in bar, watching favorite programs or on the terrace, enjoying the scenery pleasing to the eye , consisting of rocky cliffs of white limestone, endowed with small clumps of shrubs. We offer products including food traditonal specific mountain villages, vegetables and fruit grown in our own farm. For those looking to experience the quiet life of village, pony Bubi waiting to land bears the Moti Country

In Commune Vidra you can visit the natural reservation Cascada VAlul Miresii, reserve Dealul Cu melci, wooden church Goiesti, "The Church fromCiungi" The stone church from Poieni, ethnographic exhibition arranged in the village, water mill in Mill Valley, peak Strutul which grows edelweiss. Aries Valley can see the Memorial House Avram Iancu, Ethnographic Museum Avram Iancu (house Iancului) Keys Albacului (La Zugai) pothole in Potionci Memorial House "Horea" Albac, natural reserves: Cave Darninii , Izbucul Matisesti, Poiana cu Narcise Negrileasa,peak Detunata, old buildings, houses and household annexes, in a specific style of country of Moti, old church from Fericet, Dambul of Gaf Horea s House from Fericet, Ski slope Vartop - Arieseni.

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