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Camera Dubla Twin 100 LEI / night breakfast
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Camere - Frasin
Accommodation type: Cabană

Cottage has 21 beds in 9 rooms all with private bathrooms, a dining salon , a large covered terrace, pavilion for winter heated stove discussion spaces, bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen backyard barbecue, swing, climbing panel, hammocks, campfire place, the stream in front of the cottage, a clearing for various activities, paths through yard of the house, decorated with pine and birch forest, a puppy as a guide (Bobita ) and two cats (Nutica and Neghinita) with no job; for that this tourism ministry has classified 3 stars.

Frasin Chalet wants to be a meeting place of people with nature, a relaxing base or a starting point to a numerous tourist attractions, a warm, clean with a great abundance of detail. We strive to keep still that good taste and refinement purpose for which it was built: leisure, tours, hiking and mountaineering. For this we open new trails in the west and northwest of Leaota, including tourist map, we reworked and arranged shelters paths to places known little: Ghimbavului Keys and Great Key Dambovita, Domnitei Lake and Green Lake, Mount crow, western ridge Leaotei , DRAGOSLAVELE stone fortress of stone, etc.

chalets facilities and amenities:

Parking for cars and bicycles, water, hot water, electricity, central heating by radiators heat in large cottage, tile stove in the Annex, internet, phone, fridge for food disposal, first aid center, tourist information point, sound station . The furniture is solid wood, tasteful decorations, we have a small library where you can borrow books during rainy periods or insomnia; if that reading is harmful to eyes, we thought of that helps Wi-Fi, billiards, rummy software, tables, playing cards.

Here organize induction courses for `walking on munte` where you can learn useful stuff on safety and hazard assessment for mountain accensiunilor, basic techniques for all ages, practical courses that include trails ..

As we are not in any resort "picturesque" studded clubs but we are in the foothills, surrounded by forest, where cows and sheep still romp freely in May, we tell you that shoes with heels, umbrella, suits and dresses are just some of the things perfectly useless.

We say that we are nice and hospitable. . . Attention! ! ! ! ! We have a few rules that we keep very strictly. . . Believe us,we do not make any compromise: In here: a total ban on manele and grobianism and other derivatives like "My fists have no brain" Access is based cottage foot-wear or clean shoes brought from home or chalet endowment .In inside the cabin, as in any tourist cottage, no smoking; there are places for that pavilion, pavilion form the yard, etc. where smoking is permitted.â


Yes, you can eat at Frasin Cottage only subject to the following:

! Cooked food is served in the regime of cottage and not the restaurant ,we do not have waiters, here everything is done by us and sometimes, in some cases you will have to help us gather and putting the table.

!! Up to 1 day two before reaching the cottage, let us know by phone or mail if you want to cook for you ...

What we know to cook:

Breakfast can be ordered directly from the chalet menu.It s price is 20 lei and contains:coffee, milk, tea, butter, honey, cheeses authentic (Ruc?r cheese, cheese, curd), 2 types of dry raw mezel / sausage, slime, red onion, scrambled eggs / mesh / boiled eggs, vegetables, potato bread (available toaster)

Soups: We cook one the same day a maximum of two kinds of soup: Beef soup / broth soured with meatballs, chicken soup with dumplings fluffy chicken noodle soup, bean soup with smoked meat, tarragon soup with smoked meat, soup bone

Basic dishes. We cook one, maximum two ways on the same day: Spicy beef with vegetables in clay pot, boiled cabbage with pork Saxon celery and thyme, spicy pan Muscelean, duped and stuffed tenderloin stew pot (guyas) than smoked ribs the plum wood with baked potatoes, nuts and pickles, baked trout with polenta, chicken platter with sliced baked potatoes, roast pork with mashed potatoes or potato side dish, moussaka with pickles, garlic stew with polenta, stuffed cabbage and boiled rind smoked bone with polenta, grilled pastrami and pickles and mixed salad or side dish,

Vegetarian meals: Feta cheese -at clay pan (tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices, olive oil, olives) usuroi stew with yellow pods, fennel and tomatoes, salad or vegetable stew comes, MBS, vegetable soup.

Dessert: homemade cakes, eclair, rolls filled with vanilla cream.

Portions are generous and tell us and others have said, the food tastes. No small cook fries.

Prices of meals: breakfast $ 20, full lunch: 35 lei 25 to 30 lei dinner.

Backyard barbecue is available free to tourists staying with us and not have to come with wood in his bag.

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